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Why i should create a new website?

2cretiv March 1, 2018 0 Comments

My website is awesome! Why would I want to invest more money in creating a brand new website ?
Have you heard this question recently? Or you’re one of them?

No time is bad time to create a new website with fresh look and feel. Its now…
Here are some of the reasons why this thought of creating website should come into your mind:-

Your website creates poor user experience
You created your website in pre-mobile era, when everything was on big screens. But than came the era of mobile’s.
But your website is still old its following the old design and does not look good when opened on mobile devices.
Now we are in 2018, where every couple of months we see new iPhone or Samsung phone coming into market. So it’s absolutely critical that your website’s mobile experience is top notch.

We at 2Cretiv wesbite design in Surrey, see 2018 as the perfect time to redesign your website to put mobile users first.

Content on your website looks outdated
Website is your mirror to world, it showcase what you can do best for your customers.
Content – often left as the last piece of the puzzle in a web design project – is actually one of the most crucial elements of your website.

Because words go a long way in converting your website visitors into customers and clients. Pair up awesome design with great content and you’re on to a winning combination.

We at 2Cretiv, website solution in Surrey provide easy to update website that you can change with your time and update your website content as and when you want.

Your website looks like an amateur designed it
You thought of creating your brand website with your some friends, friends help, who was creating websites just for fun.

Does your website design reflect the quality of your brand or does it look like it was designed by an amateur? Going with the cheapest proposal may save you money in the short term, but it won’t give you the quality and results that your company needs from the website.

We at 2Cretiv, website solution in lower mainland,  is a team of professionals who have been delivering top notch website designs with combined experience of 2 decades.

When someone search your business you are found nowhere
Being found on search engine or Google is crucial in the latest tech world. It helps drive traffic to your website and in turn, helps you increase business.

We at 2Cretiv website design in surrey develop search engine friendly websites that increase your online presence. This small improvement is going to boost your business and in turn will help you in your company profits in future years to come. Things that improve your website rankings are the way the content is written, how the links are added and edited, how images are embedded and dozens of other factors. If you’re no where to be found in the results, then we need to meet with you and help you get going on a new website!

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